Our aims is to support and reach out to the members of the community and also to sign post and work towards a greater achievement. We are tireless in our efforts to feed the hungry and clothe the poor, treat and support the ill, educate the young, prepare mothers for motherhood, and assist the elderly with the daily challenges of life. We just want to bring about a smile. Our non-profit organization serves people of all races, creeds, and religions. We do not discriminate.


■ Helping individual, elderly, youth/communities that are deprived of basic human needs, education and other social amenities needed to help them achieve their ambition in life.

■ To use locally chosen trustees to ensure value for money in grant, made to applicant community groups (

■To build local capital endowed funds, so that help to the community can be long lasting.

  • To respond to donors (individuals or Corporate) who want their donations secure overtime and focus on specific aim.
  • To raise funds from all source to improve and give all local communities quality living by supporting a wide range of project for the benefit of local people

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AAF is a humanitarian charity organisation that is seeking to bring smiles to deprived families in Britain, Nigeria and Africa by responding to their overwhelming needs and to reach out to the Youths, disabled and elderly. AAF is open to all races, gender and cultural background to alleviate human suffering thereby put smile on people’s face


What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

You do a wonderful job with the kids that require our help and support the people in need all over the globe. I will definitely join you as a volunteer!

Lorraine Franklin

It's always a pleasure to work with these guys - they know what they want and that is why they achieve their goals. Thanks a lot for the team spirit and your work!

Brett Lewis

Your performance under the most trying circumstances was nothing less than exemplary. You are the sole reason our rescue mission actually happened! Cannot thank you enough.

Dianna Young

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